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freeshipping 75 pcs kinds of gear pack selection gearbox plastic motor gear package robot accessories technology making DIY.

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A selection of 75 gear packs, no matter model, toy, car, airplane, remote control toy, all need to use gear, so many models, always have your use!
We advocate the DIY, is the practical ability, is the idea!
If you are a parent, children like to play with toys, and love to make gadgets, then gear is indispensable, so many kinds, there will always be a match! Let your baby like DIY...
If you are a model fan, then the gear is also indispensable, believe you understand, whether the plane, car, ship, technology small production, need to use gear!
The power of gears is infinite, and any machine has a world of gears! Gear assembly toys, we have a design, of course we recommend that you buy accessories (or children) to design and invent! We need your plan and your thought, your results will be rewarded to us here!!!
There are 11 kinds of crown gear.
There are 19 kinds of double-layer gear with single layer gear.
Connect rack two pulley 7 kinds.
The worm gear is two kinds of axle sleeve 6 three-way bushing and one of the belt five.
There are 9 main shaft teeth.
80.8A 81A 81.5A 82A 102A 122A 132A 142A 182A.
11 crown gears
C152A C203A C282A c282.5a C303A C322A C20082A C28082B c28102.c28102.c30102b C40102B C40102B.
Single gear 12.
202A 242A, 242A, 302A, 302A, 322A 322A 322A 422A 422A 482A 562A.
19 kinds of double-deck gear
16102B 18102A 20082B 22082A 22102B 24102B 24102B 24122B 26082B 28102B.
30162A 32082B 34102B 38082B 40102B 46082A 48102B 50102A.
There are seven kinds of pulley.
122B 102B 62A 132A 16.82A 242AB.
Worm 2 W6*62A W6*82A three-way shaft sleeve 1 type 3T-2A-2B scalloped one S162A.
Motor shaft sleeve: 2A (2PCS) 2.5a (2PCS) 3A (2PCS)
Rubber band: rhubarb yellow a small yellow one black one white root.
Rack: 2 PCS

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